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Not Many Servers to Join

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I haven't played since last Thursday when the game updated and I followed the instructions to get the Trade Inn; it was playing perfectly then. Today I logged in and enabled the different levels and went to browse for a game to join, but it's only showing me about 15-30 servers out of over 1000. I have no search filters enabled except for empty and password protected games. I thought restarting my computer or the game or disabling the multiple levels thing would fix the problem, but nope. I started my own game and a friend wasn't able to join when invited, but someone else did eventually join. Anyways, I'm not sure how to fix this one! It's an odd feeling only seeing a few servers available to join. 

dst wtf.JPG

Steps to Reproduce
Launch game, Play!, Browse Games

User Feedback

The server list displays only servers that have the same version as your client.

You've mentioned that you have Trade inn (thus you've opted-in into tradeinnpreview beta branch). If your friend did not, your versions are different and they are not able to join your game. I imagine there are fewer servers with the trade inn than non-beta branch as well.

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