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No Saplings in New World

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Just tested the newest features (Twiggy Trees) and I saw no Saplings, after about 5 days of exploring.

I did see lots of twigs on the ground, but no saplings. Could this be a glitch? Plenty of Twiggy trees, but both would be best.

As a note, I also couldn't spot the Juicy Berry Bush, Petrified Tree or Grass Ghekko.

Steps to Reproduce
Generate a new world and look for a sapling.

User Feedback

As I understand it, twiggy trees+twigs on the ground are meant to replace saplings as a source of twigs. So you might see only one of them and the other not at all.

Similar with grass vs. grass gekko, berry bushes vs. juicy berry bushes, and rocks vs. petrified trees.

With Starting Resource Variety world customization setting set to default, you might see only resource to change its source (in your case it was saplings).
Changing the setting to Highly Random should increase the chances of other resources' changing as well.

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This is not a big but a new feature: alternative resources. Twigs can be replaced by twiggy trees and twigs laying around; grass can be replaced by grass geckos; berry bushes can be replaced by tall berry bushes 

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I am not so certain it is always a one or the other situation.  My experiences having generated two worlds now with the new feature set to Default on both:

  1. Grass Geckos and Grass will both spawn on maps (both maps I have made have had this happen).
  2. Berry Bushes and Juicy Berry Bushes seem to be a one or the other situation (two worlds, one had Juicy and the other regular - not both).
  3. Twiggy Trees/Ground Twigs and Saplings seem to be a one or the other (two worlds, one with Saplings and one with Twiggy Trees/Ground Twigs but have not had both).
  4. Only ever seen normal Rocks loaded in and have not had a single Petrified Tree show yet (though these I have heard change over the course of play via the Changing Resources setting).

So, really, my only basis is the Grass side of things, as both maps I have made since the update have included both at the Default settings while the others are either a no show or a swap out for an older resource.

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There are some exceptions to the replacements and based on other reports I've seen there might be more in the future.

There are certain environments/set pieces that need certain prefab to make sense. It seems there will always be some grass on a savanna, pig guards might always guard a grass patch, Moosegoose nest might always have some berry bushes.

If you spot a place that used to have grass/twigs/berrybushes/trees/rocks and due to resource variants it now doesn't have them and the place lost its specialness, report it and devs may consider adding it into exceptions.


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