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No Damage to Giants

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I've been having this problem for a while now but I haven't seen anyone else post a bug report for it.  When I'm fighting giants, any giants, 80% of the time I do NO damage.  It takes me nearly two days to kill deerclops even though I'm dodging his attacks nearly every time, yet I still get killed.  Very frustrating.  At first I thought it might be my mods but I tried it without them and it still happened.  I don't know what's going on but it feel really bad to kite an enemy nearly perfectly but still get killed because it "eventually" does enough damage to kill me.

Someone please tell me you're having this bug too so I don't think I'm crazy.

Steps to Reproduce
Fight a giant.

User Feedback


I removed all my mods and added them one by one to see how it impacted.  The more mods I added, the more frequent the misses were. At 11 mods active, I miss about 10% of the time.  Then my wife joined to test multiplayer impact and it jumped drastically and I was missing quite frequently.

Interesting side note, I cleaned my mods and my antivirus detected ransomware in one of the mods and I had to restart the game because it quarantined Don't Starve Together.

Now that I restarted my computer, I'm back to missing around 25% or more.

I know when you add mods it says that Klei won't be able to help with errors and troubleshooting but I thought you guys would want to know since it may be connected to mod support and/or multiplayer connection(my wife and I are on the same network).

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70 percent sure its from where's my beefalo and other mods that add map icons... I disabled that mod and never used any other mod woth similar function and havent missed an attack. I can confirm the not missing part 'cause i use simple health bars that have dmg indicators. 

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Thanks a lot.  That's really helpful.  I actually do use "Where's My Beefalo" but I guess I could just build a sign for a map marker instead.

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