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[New Reigns Beta] Cannot browse servers

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The problem im experiencing is that after testing the New Reigns Beta, whenever i change to the normal game version, the servers i browse are aways New Reign servers. I've tried joining a friend that was currently playing in a normal game server, but it only displays the "his version is too old" message, even though im using the same version. 

This problem is concerning me, and i wish to know how to proceed, so if you could help, please do.


Update #1: I uninstalled and installed again, but the problem continues

Steps to Reproduce
Playing New Reigns Beta while using Too Many Items mod to test the new features
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User Feedback

Note: The mod was deactivated and the problem continued, i also dont believe it is the cause since it basically is just a easier way to access some of the console commands

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Hello @adcrafter, welcome to the forums. It's most likely due to your friend not updating their DST version yet. If you have opted out of the anewreignbeta branch, steam would require you to update the game (update back to the public build). If you did this already, make sure your version is in the public build by going to this location (Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together Beta) and check the version.txt file. If you're in the anewreignbeta build version, it should contain 188845. If you're in the public build version, it should contain 188821.

Ask your friend to check their versions too, cheers.

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