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My game won't load

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every time i try and load up an existing or new game with willow it comes up with this and i am not very technical or good at coding or anything so i have no idea what it means, i've uninstalled and reinstalled the game from steam and it's still not working, does anyone know how to fix it? thank you very much


(my log.txt file and a photo of the error message are attached)



Steps to Reproduce
I was trying to open the game

User Feedback

Hello @dunsephs I noticed you were directed to post this bug to the Shipwrecked Bug Tracker from this thread post Error when loading Shipwrecked. Sadly, the Shipwrecked Bug Tracker isn't working properly at the moment and people can't add bugs to it yet. For now I'll try and help you out from this bug report, until the Shipwrecked Bug Tracker is fixed.

So first of all, Don't Starve Shipwrecked is already currently version 171841. Based on the image and log.txt you provided, you seem to be running an older version of the game. I'd suggest another reinstall. Once installed, you can check for the version by starting up the game and pressing Backspace and the Rev. 171841 should be seen at the bottom left of the screen. You can also check for the BuildID of the game by right clicking the Don't Starve game in your Steam's games library and selecting Properties > Local Files Tab and then look for the words: Current Content BuildID: 1049613

That's what it says on my end.

If however you are still stuck on Rev. 168028, try and Check for Steam Client Updates found in the drop down list when you click the Steam tab on Steam which is located at the top left. Report back with your log.txt file again if it still occurs. Good luck, cheers.

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