My base disappeared

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I just started a new world, and started building my base, by making a fire pit and a Science Machine. I decided to make some traps, so I went looking for the materials I would need, and when I came back, my base was gone. I've seen a thread where someone was having a similar issue, but in the regular Don't Starve, PS4 version. 
This was in the PC\Windows version by the way.

Steps to Reproduce
I made a base with a fire pit and a Science machine in the Deciduous Forest while I was playing as WX-78 on Social Mode. I walked away from it at the begging of the next day, and went a fairly long distance. I collected some cut grass and twigs and came back almost at night, to see that the base was gone.

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This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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It doesn't seem like a bug.. It might be a giant. If it's not then your game was not saved or someone else destroyed it.

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