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Multitude of issues to which I can't be asked to make a topic each for

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GBugs, exploits, possible overlooks and such:

A) Pengulls not spawning after the second or third winter in many if not all DST worlds. This is possibly due to what wiki states are the mechanics in DS RoG and the changes of glacier mechanics in DST, although I am not certain of this. Possible steps to produce the issue:

1. Get into winter, go along the edges of the world to spawn in some pengulls

2. Mine a few glaciers before they reach their mating ground

3. Go through a few more winters like this and wait for them to spawn until they don't spawn at all


B) Beefalo and Spider overpopulation causes lag for some/most clients that get near them if too many of them are on screen. Does not happen if you're the host of the server, as far as I'm aware. Suggestions for steps to produce are:


Spawn in a bunch of beefalos in one place and have somebody who is not the host of the world to go next to them OR do the same with the latter, however passing a few hundred days in order for the beefalo populus to increase significantly.


Same as with beefalos, just that you need to go near a bunch of spider nests and pass the time by (would suggest playing as webber to test this).


C) Holding a tool (e.g an axe) on your cursor and then swapping it with the light source in your hand whilst holding space bar during the night will enable you to work (in this case chop down trees). Same goes for attacking, I believe. Steps to produce:

1. Wait till it's night

2. Hold a light source in your hand equip slot (e.g torch or lantern).

3. Hold, for instance an axe with your cursor whilst next to a tree and holding spacebar and then switching axe with the light source in hand equip slot.


D) For dedicated servers (not sure if possible for hosted servers), caves can be regenerated without regenerating overworld (since this has proven to make worlds last longer and keeps things fun for players who do not want to erase their entire progress. Perhaps this could, instead of being fixed, turned into a legit mechanic or some other way of keeping progress whilst possibly erasing the entire world or some parts of the world could be implemented). Not entirely sure how this is done, but I think this is hoe you can do it:

1. Host a dedicated server with caves enabled

2. Go into the cave compile log and type in the/one of the shard regenerating console commands


E) Lavae cannot jump over or damage walls (this is not really a bug as much as it is an exploit when fighting Dragonfly). Steps to produce:

1. Give yourself some stone wall items (go godmode too, just in case) and a weapon, say ham bat

2. Find the Dragonfly arena

3. Place down walls that block off an area near the arena. Preferrably at least 4 x 4 turfs in scale

4. Damage one wall until you can walk over it

5. Lure dragonfly to the wall pen and attack it until it goes to spawn in lavae

6. Repair the damaged wall whilst staying inside the pen and let the lavae surround you around the walls


F) Light circle around players (whilst this can keep players who join during the night from dying, it can be exploited to a point where you don't even need light sources to save yourself from the darkness; just exit and enter again right after to have the light around you, keeping you safe from the dark. A possible solution could be something like that the light source doesn't last the until the next day and the portal giving off light whilst the non-crafting radius around the portal is larger so you can't exploit the portal for making a base around it. This could bring up some other major issues, so I would suggest this light circle being re-assessed). Reasons this seems quite exploitative:

1. When logging out just before night and logging straight back in whilst having no light sources or materials to craft light sources

2. When going in and out of caves


G) Logging out to avoid danger (this kind of coincides with the previous point I made, though this also including things like hostile mobs chasing you. A solution for this could be making it so that when a player disconnects, they character stays in the game and only exits 10 or 20 or so seconds after the player has disconnected). Steps to demonstrate the exploitability of this:

1. Go in a server with someone else

2. Wait till the hound attack (best prepare for the fight)

3. Let one of you exit during the fight whilst the other fights off all of the hounds


H) Summer heatwave and non-heatwave day light (it is too bright when heatwave is on, where as when it is not on, say when it's "cloudy" or raining during the day, it's almost as dark as dusk! Tweaking the brightness for these two would be great, so our eyes don't bleed :p)

1. Go into summer whilst it's day

2. Make it cloudy/raining if it's sunny or vice versa


I) Frog-lureplant exploit (A frog aggroing on an active lureplant, due to frog mechanics, will loot the meat from the lureplant, though it will keep looting it, in result making it possible to get 20 leafy meats or whatever other meats the lureplant is holding onto from a single lureplant).

1. Go near a pond and place around it a bunch of wooden flooring

2. Place down the lureplant somewhere nearby and surround it with walls

3. When the lureplant sprouts, destriy one of the walls and wait till a frog from the pond gets close enough to the lureplant or just spawn a frog very close to the lureplant


J) Skelletons having a bounding box (this lets them act like technically unbreakable walls. This can be used not only as an exploit but also as a tool for griefing). Steps to produce:

(as an exploit)

1. Place down a houndius shootius.

2. Die around it like 2 turfs distance away a bunch of times to surround it with skelletons (rezurrect with life giving amulets or meat effegies or whatever).

3. Hide in a bush hat (you might want to go godmode here as well)

4. Wait till a hound attack (might want to set hound attacks to more or lots or simply skipping some time to get a larger hound attack).

(as a griefing effect)

1. Die a bunch of times around the portal so it's surrounded by skelletons (rez via effigies or amulets or whatever)

2. Have a new player join the game (this can also be a griefing effect if applied to touchstones).


K) Various dangerous things spawning near the portal (I had generated once a Lights Out world, where there was a clockwork set piece and so there was a bishop RIGHT NEXT TO THE PORTAL. Another time, there was a cave entrance right next to the portal, which could mean some potential death by batilisks due to dumb world gen. And another time meteorite spawn points were right next to/covering the area of where the portal is. And the meteor one I've encountered at least 3 times. In the case of Togethrr Plus mode, spider nests will spawn right next to the portal dur to them being set to more). Steps to produce...

Just... Generate a world till you see something very hostile/potentially hostile/dangerous generated by the world right next to, nearby or surrounding the portal (things such as what I've mentioned above). With the spiders though, try generating a few worlds with Together Plus preset enabled.


L) Bearger and mini glaciers (this might happen with some other mobs, like Deerclops, but when Bearger walks through mini glaciers tier 2 or higher, the mini glacier animation will glitch out and he won't be able to break them). Steps to produce:

1. Be in a season that isn't Summer

2. Spawn in or find a mini glacier that is tier 2 or higher

3. Spawn in bearger

4. Aggroe the bearger and let him walk through the glacier


M) Grass gekko spawning (this is most likely an overlook, but when they are the resource variant, whenever they get killed, they don't respawn. This can create issues with grass supply in worlds with grass gekkos as the variant as a bunch of hostile mobs naturally will aggroe to them and some herds might spawn right next to hostile mobs. Same goes for when they spawn in areas where meteors land (e.g. Mosaic). This can also result in them being killed by griefers to further the low supply of grass for other players). Steps to produce:

1. Spawn in a world with grass gekkos as the variation

2. Kill all the gekkos >_>



N) Chester and glommer won't teleport near the player that has their eye bone if the player walks too far away from them due to the player having higher speed thank them. Easiest steps to produce:

1. Go find the chester's eyebone

2. Pick it up so he spawn in and follows you

3. Give yourself a walking cane and find a long road

4. Walk along the road whilst having the walking cane equipped. Chester should at some point stop following you because you're too far away. You might see him far away back on the minimap.


O) Honey comb and pig skin potential non-renewability (some players, in particular on public servers tend to hammer any pig houses they see. This results in nobidy new being able to obtain football helmets, umbrellas, pig helpers and less importantly summer frests and scalemails. Also it's funny how pigs can't actually repair/rebuild their houses and don't aggroe onto you if you do something to their house, like hammer it or light it on fire. Same goes for honey combs/bee hives. If they all got destroyed and the honey combs taken by a griefer, it would become impossible to obtain bees or honey unless you're lucky to get a bee from a tumbleweed and upon killing the bee you get honey. Remember these are pretty essential resources we're talking about that can potrntially become non-existant in a world). Steps to produce? Destroy all pig houses and bee hives.


P) Sometimes when killing a bee or a bee hive (can't really remember which one), the buzzing sound that you would hear from a hive will stay in that place. Not entirely sure on the conditions though, so steps to produce would be to just try out different things when destroying a bee hive/killing a bee.


Q) Most of natural turf being non-renewable (since things like grass, saplings and berry bushes respawn on specific turf, if that turf gets taken, they won't respawn there anynore (although trees will). This means that potentially depriving world from non-renewable natural turf can mean depriving the world from spawning in grass, saplings and berry bushes as well as some other possible resources). Steps to produce:

1. Dig up all of the world's turf that is grass, forest, savanna and decidious forest turf (marsh turf is renewable via tentapillars/giant tentacles) via pitchfork.

2. Burn down all of the saplings, berry bushes and grass tufts in the world.


R) Spiky bushes, cacti, spiky trees and reeds are not part of world regrowth (this is quite sad as 3/4 of these resources are actually quite useful). Steps to produce... You already know how ;)


S) Gold boulders are in no ways renewable (this is an issue because newbies in an old world could only get a compass if they go down to caves and wait for earthquakes or find pig king. I would suggest either compass requiring nitre instead of gold to craft as nitre is easily renewable due to meteorites, or the meteorites could bring down gold boulders as well. I would personally favour the latter more, but both could be even better). The explenation is there, no need to produce any steps.


T) Crispy skelletons in Dragonfly arena can't be hammered (also, I think it would be cool if you died by Dragonfly, Lavae, fire or overheating, the skelleton you would loot would be crispy). Steps to produce:

1. Find dragonfly arena

2 give yourself a hammer and attempt hammering one of the crispy skelletons


U) Bearger's walking animation is twice as slow as his walking speed whilst he's not aggroed. Also, it looks weird that the Dragonfly doesn't have an angry expression whilst aggroed onto something but not enraged. Steps to produce:


1. Spawn in bearger

2. Watch him walk


1. Find dragonfly in her arena

2. Let her aggroe onto you

Steps to Reproduce
I cannot write anything in here because I'm on my phone and this glitches out for me. I've described how to produce the issues above just underneath each of the issues posted.

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