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Multiple Catapult Crash

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The error message is above as seen.  The crash had occurred on a fresh offline/singleplayer Don't Starve Together World with only the mods seen above.  What I had been doing when the crash occurred was attempting to build one of Winona's catapults within the radius of another catapult and a powered Generator (I would also like to note that the Catapult already existing did not attack a hound when I had spawned one within it's range).  I hope this bug can be patched soon.

Steps to Reproduce
Note: This is a theoretical reproduction of the error, results are not ensured but will detail my exact proceedings. 1. Boot up a new single player world with caves in Don't Starve Together(I had used default settings for both shards and enabled above mods) 2. Select Winona (I had used: Victorian Head, Silk Robe (Black and Red), Obsidian Gloves, and Booties; however this is unlikely to affect much of anything but may be important to note) 3. Construct a Catapult in the world (I had examined it afterward and used Creative Mode cheats) 4. Construct a Generator (I would assume the same or similar results with the use of the GEM-erator) 4.5. I had spawned a hound using cheats within the catapult's range and then did away with it by hand as the catapult was not attacking, I am unsure if this affects anything but will include it regardless 5. Attempt to construct an additional Catapult (I was standing within the range of the Generator and original Catapult at this time) The game should give you the error message (I think)

User Feedback


I would also like to note that the Catapult already existing did not attack a hound when I had spawned one within it's range

I found that the Catapults lie about being within range of the generator; when a catapult is "on the edge" of being in-range, the UI seems to round in favor of it being in-range but the server does not.

Look for wires at the base of the tower after you place it -- if there's no wire then it's not **actually** in range of the generator. Until that gets fixed, I'm avoiding trying to cram extra towers in.



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