Missing Sound Effects!

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Audio settings are working. I set them to max. Background music is working. 

Now here's the problem. When I'm in my world, certain sound effects are not working. For example when I mine a mini ice glacier, no sound can be heard from it. Another one would be clockwerks, I can't hear any sound at all coming from them. Another one would be the hounds, no barking sound from them or dying sound or anything at all. 

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Before the February update, everything worked just fine. Please help me!


Here's my log btw

Glacier sounds are fixed

Still no sounds from most of the monsters: Clockwerks, tentacles, hounds, koalefants, etc.


Steps to Reproduce
Mine the ice glacier. Find some hounds, find some clockwerks, and check whether they give off the necessary sound effects.

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