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Missing Maxwell Statue in World. Kingly Sketch?

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I'm playing in a long term solo world with a lot of time invested in building. It's Day 4k+ and I'm finally getting into statue mechanics. I'm just now realizing my world generated without a Maxwell statue... and that with the current game state I'm permanently barred from obtaining the Kingly sketch as far as i can tell. Even if sketches were unlockable as tumbleweed loot (which I understand is broken atm), without a statue to mine in the first place they'd never be available from either source for me, ever.

Is it possible to make the sketches a permanent addition to the tumbleweed loot tables that does not require an unlock? I'm concerned about how long it might take to obtain them from that source (given the 0.1% probability of getting the sketch you want) but at least it'd be a potential mechanic to legitimately generate them. I don't want to cheat the sketch in; I'd really prefer to obtain them from an actual game-provided source/means. In fact it doesn't even have to be tumbleweeds necessarily; just some alternate path for the player besides mining a world generated statue if it's unavailable to do so.

Not only am I missing the Maxwell statue required to mine for the Kingly sketch, I've already mined the Pawn & Queenly sketches from their respective statues. Please allow any fixes to the tumbleweed unlock to apply retroactively to existing worlds in which the statues required to mine for the tumbleweed unlocks (King, Queen, & Pawn statue/sketches) are missing/already mined. Thank-you muchly!

Steps to Reproduce
My world generated without a Maxwell statue. Without this to mine the Kingly sketch is unavailable to me by any means in this world. Mining the Kingly, Queenly or Pawn sketches' respective statue should also unlock the sketch as potential tumbleweed loot which is currently broken (but has been marked to be fixed). In my world I've already mined the Queen & Pawn sketch statues so the mining event/trigger to unlock those sketches as tumbleweed loot is also now missing from my world.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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