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Metheus Site Appears as a Blank Screen.

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While trying to do the second part of the Metheus puzzle with my brother, the Metheus website turned into a blank webpage. Soon after it happened to my brothers side as well and it has been a blank webpage for a few days now. I've tried deleting the web cache and cookies but nothing has changed.


Steps to Reproduce
Besides fidgeting around carelessly in the second part of the puzzle, I do not know what could of caused this.

User Feedback

43 minutes ago, Flash.Jonathan said:

Did you try reloading it?

I refreshed it, tried a different browser,  and re-logged into the site with my steam information.

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Someway, somehow, Metheus is working for me again and I can interact with the puzzle. I assume some nice devs found a solution. Thank you! :D

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