Merms don't return to Houses

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It's fun playing Wurt, but one bug makes her gameplay a bit of a mess. If your merm companions run out of time and decide to return home, they will usually get stuck somewhere along the way. Usually, it happens if there's a hole in the ground or a wall of ocean they should be walking around. The Merms will never make it home, and you can't even tell that they got lost somewhere on the map because it just looks as if they died and haven't respawned.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build a Craftsmerm House or  Merm Flort-ifications
  2. Give food to the merm
  3. Take your merm on an adventure. Depending on the map layout you might not have to go all that far.
  4. Wait for the merm to get bored
  5. Watch them walk in place in front of a hole in the ground
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