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Meat effigies does not work!!

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Heeelllooo. It has been 2 time in my present world that I died, clicked on the effigy button, black screen comes... the mac spinning wheel keeps spinning indefinately... I force quit the game and when I come back, I am a ghost at the exact place where the meat effigy was. 

Seriously, I was/am mad. Next time it happen, theres no more touch stone around and I lose everything because of a bug. 

I'm on mac, play as Wendy, no mods. Those 2 times were the first 2 times I used meat effigy in DST. 

Need more info??

Steps to Reproduce
Die, click on meat effigy button, black screen?? , forcequit the game, relog

User Feedback

Just an FYI, another good option is to make those life regeneration amulets.  If you possess them as a ghost, it resurrects you as well.

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