Map zoom and message in a bottle

Pig Princess
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When player reads message in the bottle revealing Pearl's island location or sunken chest marker, map zooms in, but can't be zoomed out until player relogs, which essentually makes it unusable until relog.

Steps to Reproduce

In the describtion.

User Feedback

Any mods you'd like to tell us about?

I've never had an issue with zooming out after I discover a new sunken chest marker.

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It wasn't my own server, so I can't tell much about server mods, but client ones I used: drop reset countdown, geometric placement, Abigail keybinds, action queue reborn, alpha pillars, boss indicators, bundle o'top, colored fire hound, combined status, craft pot, improved force attack, mute flies, nightmare phase indicator, no mods warning, quick drop (I know it's in the game now, but I got used to controls), remove insanity visions (not for vision, but for sound though), remove purple overlay, repair reminder, rotate character model, snapping tills, snow tile disabler, status announcements, too many items plus, wall map icon, Wortox quick Heal.

I know it's a lot, but nothing from this list works with map, except wall map icon, I was the only one doing ocean stuff, so I can't say whether this bug occured to someone else on the server; there were no map mods on the server as far as I remember (no global positions or additional map icons, or the like). Thanks for pointing this out, I'll check if it is client mod that causes problem (I was tired after playing and didn't think about it at the time, and now it looks like obvious first thing to do).

Edit: I disabled all client mods, created new server without mods, checked, and bug is still there.

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