Map glitch/walk on water/black void ground

  • Can't Reproduce

When I join a friend's server, my character is walking on water/trees and other spawns are on the water where other people see normal ground. I can't place fires or fight mobs. Occasionally the ground turns into a black void, even though I can still see characters and trees and stuff. This is really pissing me off.

I tried deleting local content and re-installing the game. When I host a server, it's fine for me, but when my friends join, their game breaks the same way mine does when I join theirs.



Steps to Reproduce
Join a server.

User Feedback

Hey there, like your friend reported on this submission it looks like either the server is missing textures/files or there are mods installed that are causing a conflict with the generated world.

  • For the missing textures, could both players verify Don't Starve Together's game cache and that should replace any corrupted files or texture files that have gone missing.
  • If you have mods installed, please delete and unsubscribe to those from Steam Workshop to see if that makes a difference. If yes, please re-subscribe to those mods one-by-one to find the mod causing the issue.

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You might not be able to reproduce it, but I SPENT MONEY ON THIS GAME. So don't just file me away like a piece of trash. Your **** doesn't work. We both verified game cache, turned off/uninstalled all mods, uninstalled the entire game and reinstalled them and IT'S STILL BROKEN. Fix it or give me my money back.

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