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Mac Resolution issue and client force quit issue

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I'm having the resolution issue with my 2015 MacBook 12" such that in fullscreen mode, the resolution would be set to 1280x800 every time I start the game up regardless of what resolution I changed it to in the previous play. The entire picture of the game would be pushed up out of the screen and there would be a black bar under and I would only see half of the steam notification on the top right. Only when I disable fullscreen mode, the game would stay at the 640x480 resolution when I restart game client. 

Another issue I noticed is that whenever I disconnect from a server, the game client quits out by itself. 

I'm not facing either one of this issues on my Windows PC. 

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start game client from steam. 2. Change game resolution. 3. Quit out of game. 4. Restart game client. 5. Host/Join a Server. 6. Disconnect from Server. 7. Client automatically exits out.

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