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Lure Plants giving ton of leafy meat

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I don't know whats a bug and whats a feature anymore;

When you fill a lure plant over capacity it appears the excess is converted into leafy meat.  We still haven't tested if any or all digested items are converted to leafy meat but we do know if its over capacity you get a ton of leafy meat.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Plant a Fleshy Bulb 2. Wait for eyes to spawn 3. Give it 15+ stacks of items to eat 4. Destroy the bulb and collect the meat

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Would like to also add my voice to this one, been using a lureplant to farm a half stack of grass on one of my worlds. Been getting 2-4 leafy meat every time I break the bulb. Counted the grass to make sure it wasn't turning into geckos each time. Lureplant is simply giving strange amounts of meat.

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