Low berry bush variety with new worldgen settings

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Prior to the March QoL, setting berry bushes to "more" or "lots" ensured a healthy variety of plain berry bushes, leafy bushes (prefab "berrybush2"), and juicy bushes generated in the same world. As of March, however, setting berry bushes to "more," "lots," "tons," or "insane" appears to only affect the amount of either regular or juicy bushes generated, depending on the starting variety. I have generated several worlds with these settings and the leafy berry bushes only appear to generate within pig village setpieces, and in very low numbers if that.

Steps to Reproduce

Generate a world with Berry Bushes set to "more," "lots," "tons," or "insane."
Do c_countprefabs("berrybush2") to confirm low amounts of leafy bushes generated.

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