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Lord of fruit flies not spawning in day 50

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i started farming like early winter and its almost day 50 and lord of fruitfly never spawned i tought it was forced to spawn after day 35

and i accidentally let like 15 crops rot and still no sign

i only changed moonrock pengulls spawn rate to none 



i dont know how is this supposed help but anyway maybe it does519001204_EkranGrnts(1550).thumb.png.99470b292eec3ce4f7054d98daa75fe8.png

my current farm and you see she didnt spawn



i dont think i have any mods that would effect fruitflys spawn rate 

this is the list of my mods 

[API] Gem Core

Epic Healthbar

Global Pause

Improved Premier Gardeneer Hat

Show Bundle 

Show Me (Origin)

Simple Health Bar DST

Steps to Reproduce

start a random world

survive 50 days 

watch her not spawning

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User Feedback

4 hours ago, QuartzBeam said:

He can only spawn if the area is loaded when the 15th+ farm plant reaches the grown stage.

then he really had to spawn because i remember clearly i had a stack of potatos after farming without giant crops

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