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Log suit invisible when dropped?

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Happened when i dropped my Soggy Log Suit on the ground in caves.

I was a bit low on sanity too if that matters (cause i seen bug report about the Crown going invisible when low on sanity)

Item can be still picked up but it's not visible on the ground.

I'm not using any mods BTW

Steps to Reproduce

Drop Log suit on the ground.


-In caves

-Below 80% sanity

-Log Suit being soggy wet

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User Feedback

Me and my friends were also having this issue with the log suits in our server yesterday. Thought it was a mod issue but perhaps it's not after all.

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I have found that this problem occurs with the following five items.
- Rain coat
- Floral Shirt
- Log Suit
- Scalemail
- Summer Frest

I think it might be because klei has recently updated their animation files.
A workaround is to replace the following files with their older versions.


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