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Linux, servers not showing up - I FIXED IT

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Edit: I found a fix, what you need to do is right-click DST in library, go to properties, go to compatibility, force it to use a specific steam play compatibility tool, and pick Steam Linux Runtime. I'm not sure how to close this report, please help.

I recently installed devuan linux due to the up-and-coming windows 11 update. I downloaded steam, most of my games, opened don't starve together, and there were no servers. It didn't say I was offline like it normally did when I was on windows 10. I didn't change any of the filters nor any of the files (except giving permission to create, read, change, and delete files. I haven't found any answers except one site which didn't help, I would like to know if anyone else can help me on this.
I would attach a image but there are no sites I can use to do so. I also don't want to put in the log section of this bug page.

Steps to Reproduce

Download the stable version of devuan linux, download steam, download Don't Starve Together, press browse games.

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