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Lighter unable to use for cooking

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Only Willow (who has "expertchef" tag) can cook with it, but It's not a feature, it's a bug.

Lighter has this function:

local function oncook(inst, product, chef)
    if not chef:HasTag("expertchef") then
        if chef.components.health ~= nil then
            chef.components.health:DoFireDamage(5, inst, true)
        if inst.components.fueled ~= nil then
            inst.components.fueled:DoDelta(-.05 * inst.components.fueled.maxfuel)
    elseif inst.components.fueled ~= nil then
        inst.components.fueled:DoDelta(-.01 * inst.components.fueled.maxfuel)

Which mean that non-Willow players still should be able to use it for cooking,

but there are lines 307, 316 and 775 in componentactions and line 18 in cooker component,

..and (not self.inst:HasTag("dangerouscooker") or chef:HasTag("expertchef"))..

which prevent cook action from appearing if cooker (lighter) has tag "dangerouscooker" and player doesn't have "expertchef" tag.

Steps to Reproduce
Try to cook with lighter as a non-Willow character

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