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Eu estava nas cavernas tranquila, quando passei mal e tive que pausar o jogo com "toggle pause", quando voltei, havia MUITAS pedras caindo sobre a minha cabeça. o jogo foi pra tela de carregamento... E depois foi de novo, depois de enfrentar 3 telas de carregamento, o jogo me mandou para a tela de seleção de personagem .-. :mad:
Perdi o meu jogo e TODOS os meus valiosos itens. Agora mesmo dando RollBack o meu jogo não entra, o que fazer ?

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Translation for the devs: 

I was relaxing in the caves, when I felt sick and had to pause the game with "toggle pause", when I got back, there was A LOT of stones falling on my head. the game went to the loading screen... and it went there again later, after going through 3 loading screens, the game sent me back to the character selection screen .-. :mad:
I lost my save and ALL all of my valuable items. I'm trying to Rollback but my save(or game?) isn't opening, what do I do?

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It sounds like you brought up the Menu, but since the game doesn't actually pause, you were killed by the falling stones and then taken back to the Character Select screen. Unfortunately the server rollback will not be able to revive the character after a death.

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