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Lag for Windows 7 HP Home Premium Laptop

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So this has been a major issue for me for DTS, which i hope is soon fixed. I'm a HUGE fan of don't starve and I have don't starve, don't starve ROG and don't starve shipwrecked, and they work perfectly with little to no lag at all. but on don't starve together when i play the game for more than 5 minutes the intense lag occurs. this involves lag with picking things up, placing things in chests and iceboxes, rubberbanding, and getting hit from enemies from a far distance. I read up on the 2 pinned posts regarding performance and nothing has struck me so far. I play on my friends laptop which is a windows 10 HP laptop, and works amazingly. so why is my computer having such a hard time? I'd really appreciate some help on this. Thank you for viewing!

Steps to Reproduce
Please note that any kind of ping doesn't effect the amount of lag I get while playing DTS. Hope that helps!

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