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Inventory duplication bug

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Game breaking bug, using just relog/rollback to duplicated any items that can pick in inventory


Steps to Reproduce

Dedicated server step to reproduce

1. stay in cave with stuff you want to dupe and wait day save
2. go surface and drop items you want to dupe on the ground and wait the day save again
3. go suicide and start rollback or vote rollback and go into sinkhole immediately before rollback vote passed
4. dead character will stuck in loading screen forever but when you close the game and rejoin the world, you will be alive with all of your stuff you dropped before

Host / console server step to reproduce

In host world, can use relog instead of waiting for day save


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User Feedback

.... ....

I tested it again, and it still works.( I dup pick axe bernie and lighter )


It is possible that you rollback server too fast, you should wait till the day save for 30s or it will reroll to the last day.

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