Inaccurate Steam Overlay

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For some time now, my steam overlay has been synced wrong when playing DST. Only recently have I taken screenshots which have this black bar on the right hand side. The bar only shows up when I take screenshots, and not during gameplay. I have the game set to full screen and to my native resolution(1366x768), so I'm clueless as to fix it. The overlay fixes itself when I set the resolution to 1280x768. Gif below is how my cursor is off in the overlay, you can see the icons being highlighted when the cursor isn't on them.


Steps to Reproduce
Set resolution to 1366x768

User Feedback

I have that exact same problem, is really annoying. This is present on both the single player and the together versions of the game.

Game set to fullscreen and to my native resolution 1366x768, the problem also happens on windowed mode and changing the resolution ingame won't help.

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