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Ice flingomatic

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The ice fling-o-matic sends ice but doesn't hit what is suppose to and everything get's burned and it also lags when it doesn't hat grass, twigs, and berry bushes

Steps to Reproduce
I was fighting a fire hound and he caught my whole base on fire and destroyed everything and forced me to regenerate a different world that I was on day 150 or something around there

User Feedback

I have been having this exact same issue.  I cant even play the game anymore because all three of my ice fling-o-matics are bugged.  Everything in my base is within range of at least one fling but the whole base has been starting on fire.  The flings continuoisly sprinkle snowballs at something but never stop.  We've tried turning them on to Emergency Mode but they do not come out to extinguish fires.  I have no idea how to fix this, I've tried everything.  

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