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Ice Fling-O-Matic will not put out smoldering items.

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I have three Ice Fling-O-Matics around my base that cover all of the items in my base.  My game is currently in summer, so these flings are pretty important to help ensure that my base does not burn down.  However, two of my flings have been continuously sprinkling snowballs over the base and NOT extinguishing any smoldering or burning items (also not stopping anything from withering).  I've disabled my mods, I've tried putting them in Emergency Mode to see if that would help, but it does not.  On top of my entire base burning down, the constantly snowballs have made the game entirely unplayable as it lags so much.  I'm on day 135 and would love to not have to restart the game at this point, but I cannot continue in this game with my entire base burning down. 

Steps to Reproduce
My base contains a section of planted grass and saplings, a section of drying racks, and a section of farms that are covered by the two malfunctioning Ice Fling-O-Matics. Some of the grass and saplings have withered but are within range of the machine.

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