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I want caves

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When i try to enter cave game freezing at loading screen and tells me "Something Went awry while connecting. Please try again"

I deleted game, mods and setup again. But problem isnt solved. I cant fix up, its rly so boring. Pls help me...

It didn't help


Steps to Reproduce
When i enter in the cave.

User Feedback

@Palatka @Saltzmah

This is on a world you created, correct?

Could you please load (or create a new) a world with caves enabled and without any mods. Try to enter the cave.
When the issue happens, please grab the following log files and attach them to this bug report (edit the original post or just create a new replay)


Note: The Cluster_1 should be replaced with the slot # of the world you created (order is based off of the Host World screen)

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@Platka @The New Guard

Thanks for the logs!
I've identified the issue and it should be resolved the next update.
If not, then please repeat the steps in my previous post and provide new logs (I will only need client_log.txt and Master/server_log.txt)

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