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I cant host

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every time i go to host to play with my family it wont let me i get the message "Deticated server fialed to start up"

                                                                                                               "there was an issue starting your server.... How odd"

ive tried reinstalling the game i dont use mods and i validated it idk what to do at this point please help.

Steps to Reproduce
i launched the game and i pressed Host as i always to when i want to play after that i made a new world and i got a skype call from my sister next thing i did was host the server but it wouldnt host even after the skype call ended this started 4 days ago.

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Hello @Expicto, welcome to the forums. Would you mind attaching the client_log.txt (located in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\) in your next reply? That may shed some light on what's really happening.

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