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I can't even move.

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I'm having a really big trouble with the game, like a week ago a problem happened, the game crashes whenever I pick a character to play.
the first time it happened was when I was playing with my boyfriend and suddenly my character stop moving, start to freezing and burning at the same time in SPRING. we think that was just a little bug and restarted the game but it continued so we make a rollback and it was worse, the screen just didn't let me do anything and it was totally blank. I was able to see my bf's character move, play and all but mine's just disappear so I tell him to kill my character and I wasn't even able to see the ghost.

I tried starting a new world but every time I pick a new character to play the game crashes and stop letting me play or do anything, even offline. that means that I can play in other's players worlds but if I want to be a host i cant because it crashes. We usually play with Mods but even if I play Vanilla it continues. I don't want to uninstall the game because i love it soo much and i really want help.

20171009212801_1.jpg.aa1c69e69d15f5bc066b2fc4103c11b1.jpg20171009212816_1.jpg.370a6117d6ce0a9c1258ed678ab5f5ca.jpg20171009213542_1.jpg.4d5afb8ec519c9816a6631533294b070.jpg20171009213551_1.jpg.424c701a740fab9bf7f9a5ef87c09a1c.jpg 20171009205745_1.jpg.d0a96e2cea13a7b8e77661e14e601c8f.jpg there's some screenshots that I take I have some videos too that I can send via Email.

Steps to Reproduce
I was playing online with my boyfriend, just that.

User Feedback

You should look up your client_log.txt and post that, usually what happens if you can't move or are invisible is because you pass authentication when connecting, but crash client side before the server can even manage to get any info from you.

When you edit your post, I think there's an instruction if you scroll down to show you the path of where the log is on your computer, but in case there isn't its usually Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_log.txt

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