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Huge Entity Count

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Hello I'm having some problems with my generated worlds. They are all being generated with a high rate of "Entity Count". I've never had problems with it, but it seems that after the last update Rev. 270528, the world is always being generated that way.

Note: The worlds generated with Caves are not having problems, only without Caves, in Online and Offline mode.High Entity Count rates rauses revere lags


Without Caves: Entity Count is in the range of 10000-18000 when entering the world for the first time.

Cluster Bug.png

With Caves: Entity Count is in the 1000 range when entering the world for the first time.

Cluster Bug.png

Steps to Reproduce
Create world With and Without Caves.
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User Feedback


Let me explain why it's all right.

The server is the master simulation, while each player (even the host) has their own, local simulation. But if caves are disabled, the host is directly the master sim.

The entity count is the amount of entities in the simulation. Clients (if caves are enabled – both the surface and the caves are running as a separate processes, so the host player is a client too) only see the entities in their "view range" (which is about a few screens away from player's position), so that's why the count varies that much.

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