how can i not have frog rain?

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i'm playing the beta and i have already 3 spring seasons behind me on my new world i started after the antlion update and i had not a single frog rain. 

on this world i just play with one player, so we are just 2 but i find it ver weird. does some else have this issue?

i checked the worlds settings and frog rain is not turned off or something like this.

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On 21.2.2017 at 10:00 PM, Wade said:

It is a random event that occurs in the game, so it could just be a situation of bad luck.

how much bad luck can i have?

so i've played another spring and this time i had frog rain.. at least i thought so, frogs came from the sky and i just leave (daytime) to go the Goose, and before i can even reach it, it stops. the day was not even over.

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Looks strange to me too. Previously had a frog rain for every spring with the settings set to default. Now with the same settings I haven't frog rains for years.

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