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Health, Hunger, and Sanity Glitched at 100%.

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Over the course of my 2 day experience with Don't Starve together, I've had mant glitches that have made me delete and install my game again 4 times. The main Three are sometimes my character stops being able to move. He is in a running motion but doesnt get anywhere. Another one is my Sanity, Health, and Hunger are glitched at 100%. The only way I can view my health is my friends hovering their mouses over my character and that only shows the health not sanity or hunger this problem is not an

Steps to Reproduce
I do not know what Klei can do. But everytime i relog or open the game and join a server one of these happen. Please help, these glitches are turning me off on a great game.

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This sounds like a mod issue revolving around poor handling of networked variables or a conflict between them.

Should a mod fail to properly use these networked variables you may experience all sorts of invalid things showing like having all the recipes unlocked, the badges having full stats, etc.

I'd consider disabling mods one by one to see the root problem if you don't mind the repeated reloads and want to keep some of the mods you're using.

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I want to report that similar bugs have been experienced by several members of my group when joining as clients whenever Balloon Tweaks was on. The OP should first submit a log of their full mod setup, then start disabling them one by one.

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