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Health Draining Slowly even w/o mods.

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So at first i tried making a server and from the moment i chose a character and got into the world,  i noticed my HP was droping 1 every 3 seconds. Then i thought maybe it was the mods, so i tried removing all the mods and made a new world just to be sure if it was one of the mods. I chose Wilson in the new world i generated(mod free) and surprisingly my HP was still dropiing at 1 every 3 seconds. 

After that i tried generating a new world mod free, and just single player, and my HP was still dropping slowly. So then i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and generated a new world single player, and i was still losing HP slowly. Then i tried verifying my files via steam, and made a new world right after, and still i was losing HP every 3 second. Please help me, i really wanna play. I'm playing from Ph, not sure if that info helps but im just putting it out there just in case.

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It's most probably a bug or i could be wrong i don't want to act like a know it all. I've been searching around, and im not the only one encountering this problem. Please help us and fix this problem, i really love this game.

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