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Halloween Trinkets

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is it normal that i can't find any Halloween Trinkets in my old save? um...it's 2000+days and events setting is auto...

i've got some Halloween Trinkets last year but i can't see any this year(most importantly the new ones..)

Steps to Reproduce
i don't know...maybe it's mods? /Health Info/Extra Equip slot/Show bundle/DST Storm Cellar/Increased Stack size/

User Feedback

I have the same issue as well. I always find the trinkets on new world, but on my many thousands days world couldn't find any on the ground for two seasons. I got a few from tumbleweeds tho.

I'm wondering, can the cause be that I might still had some trinkets from last year lying around, and because of that the retrofitting mechanism thought that the new trinkets have already been spawned? 

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