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Half the sounds of the game are missing

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I didn't read all the bug reports but after 2 pages was surprised no to see this anywhere so Im foolishly going to think no one has reported it even though it appears they haven't.  Half the sounds in the game are gone.  I say half cause I cant go through and list them all here because a- I don't remember them all and b- there are SOOOOOOO many its hard not to notice.  Some examples would be... no fight music for Giants, Goose Moose makes no noise, no overheating noise, and no noise when mining glaciers.  There are more but thats just an example. 

Steps to Reproduce
1. Play the game 2. Mine a glacier, fight a giant, overheat do just about anything and you'll run into a missing sound eventually

User Feedback

Of course!  new forums moved the bug section so I couldn't find it.  And once mine posted low and behold the next topic is missing sounds.

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Duplicate of the above post. As I already answered in the other one, please report any issue with sounds in the above post.


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