Graphics Glitch (Flickering Waves and Black spots)

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Its frickin awful. My game is glitching and is playable but the graphics are horrible. Its the wave textures glitching in and out of the land and gets worse when you move and also chunks of the screen goes black when you move. ive checked if any textures are missing and theyre all fine and ive tried in both worlds w/ other people and solo and its the same. down below is what the problem looks like. my game is also completely up to date.

Don't Starve Together 5_25_2018 10_49_38 PM.mp4

Steps to Reproduce
I just launched the game after a few months of not playing and right after it had a slight update

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Seems to me like it could be a graphics driver issue. Can you try updating your drivers?

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