Goose Moose doesnt take damage

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I am playing on a vanilla server without any mods. If i attack Goose Goose it doesnt register the damage every time. Only sometimes.from 10 hits it registers only 3. I dont know what to do.

Steps to Reproduce
fight Moose Goose on spring.

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Set Lag Compensation to None.

I got this bug too, any Boss ends missing a lot of hits.

I didnt notice before RoT if this happened.


Obs: I was playing mode online on a Local private server game ( not dedicated or open )

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it hapened many times in my server aswell, at the start i was thinking klei has added something new, but i guess its a bug.

it seems it hapens when Goose Goose blows your weapon away and u dont pick up instantly by holding space button. Then Goose gets few seconds ability to miss your attacks for several seconds. Also i had another issue with Goose long time ago, my character was stuck for some reason and i was unable to move until mose hit me. I guess it was because she jumped too close.

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