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Glommer copies on the map

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Well, this apparently can happen when walking with Glommer during the night:






I was just walking and checking out everything (I just bought the game 3 days ago) when this happened. Apparenltly, when you move away from Glommer when he's sleeping he duplicates on the map

Steps to Reproduce
Walk with Glommer during the night, I was using the miner's hat, i don't know if that's important . When Glommer falls asllep move away from him a fair bit and wait until he comes to you. Then check the map, there should be multiple Glommer icons.

User Feedback

I don't know if this is a bug, but this is how the map has always worked with all things, not just glommer. The map isn't showing you where everything is in real-time, it is showing you where things where when you were in that area. Play with 2 players, have the 1st person explore a biome, have the 2nd person it go in there and clear it out, the 1st player will still see on the map whatever was there at the time until they go back and re-explore then things will disappear from the map.


If you walked back to where the other glommer icon is on the map it will go away.

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