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Glitch in battle with Dragonfly

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When playing for Wortox impossible to hit Dragonfly after the first stage with the larvae...

Wortoks rests on her, but can not hit, but she - yes. Rebooting to the server and its rollbacks did not help ...

Fix pls

Steps to Reproduce
You need to attack the dragonfly for Wortox, and beat it until the first stage with the larvae comes. After the Dragonfly flies (after the larvae), it will be impossible to hit.
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User Feedback

Im having the same issue. I noticed that ypu can still fight her but not land any hits, i jist kite her until enrage stage then use panflute. After that i can hit her normally, its only on larvae stage where you really cant hit her, just lengthens the fight by a couple of mins or so.

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