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Ghosts and Gifts

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ive notcied that after i died im not getting the countdown for the world to reset, and then it still doesnt reset after 2 minutes (i timed it to be certain) and im the only person on the server.

Im also not getting any gift drops at all, and i havnt played in over a week so i havnt hit my limit.

Steps to Reproduce
I was dying (for the ghost issue) and just playing the game ( for the gift issue)

User Feedback

@FaZZa the only servers that reset are servers in Survival Mode. Any other mode does things differently. Endless servers doesn't reset when everyone is a ghost. Wilderness servers forces players to repick their characters when they die instead of turning into ghosts.

Based on what you've just said, your server is an Endless server, which doesn't reset at all unless forced by an admin through console commands. And about gift drops, I don't think ghosts are able to get the gift box drop to appear when they're dead (I could be wrong about this one, anyone who knows feel free to correct me). 

Anyway, if you're certain that your server is a Survival server, and you still don't get a world reset when all the players on the server is dead (in your case, only you) then can you attach the server_log.txt under Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_#\Master? The Cluster_# corresponds to the Slot # of the server in the host game screen.

I hope that helps, cheers.

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@Zillvr i went back and checked and i had put it on the wrong server type, didnt even think of that. 

As for the gifts i meant in general, they literally just arnt dropping, whether im alive or dead.


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@FaZZa with regards to the gifts, they drop randomly and there really isn't any reliable source on how often these drops appear. If you haven't played in a while then just playing for the first time again then the first drop should appear in the first hour of playing (keyword should). If it still hasn't appeared, can you attach the client_log.txt from Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\? I think that would help determine whether you're able to receive gifts in the first place.

On another note, be sure that the server you are playing on is an Online server, as I'm quite certain players aren't given access to using(and possibly getting) Skins to begin with on a LAN or Offline Server.

Happy to help, cheers.

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