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game save back to day 1

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I was playing DST alone with global pause mod, i paused the game and when came back game was on loading screen. I waited a bit then, understood that it crashed, so alt+f4 quited it.

When i restarted the game my save (and all rollbacks) somehow disappeared and it was just day 1 - from day 50 something... i have had some issues with the mod, connection and crashes before, but could see the last save... this time my whole game is lost. how and where can i find that world save? 


thanks in advance

Steps to Reproduce
it was on global pause mod.

User Feedback

problem solved, game should be somehow unpaused and my character was died cuz of hunger. as it was survival, world restarted after 3 min, thats why i cant find rollback files. Its still strange though, cuz i left the pc for just a while... 
i couldnt found a way to delete the post so mods, please delete it.

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