Game lags seriously when mouse cursor was on inventory after 1 hour's play

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This problem has been found on my computer many times. After 1-hour running on DST, whenever I move the mouse cursor over an item in the inventory or backpack, screen will be stagnant for about 0.5 sec. If I move my mouse cursor from item to item very fast, I got huge framedrops.

This is VERY annoying since it will be impossible for me to switch between Cane/Weapon on boss fight in the late game.

However, this problem goes away if I quit the game and reset the server.

This is very strange because it only happens when I move the cursor to an item. The game still runs smoothly when I make other operations.


My computer is not that bad, with I5-3570k and 8GB RAM running@1600MHz. 

I am using some mods, including Combined Status, Health Info, Display Food Values, wormhole marks, geometric placement, and Action Queue.

Steps to Reproduce
1. play this game for more than 1 hour with good strategy and build a nice base. 2. move your mouse from item to item in your inventory or back. 3. see if you get framedrop

User Feedback

On 6/21/2017 at 6:15 PM, JohnWatson said:

There's your problem right there.

Thank you JohnWatson and JanH~~ I love the whole series of holmes as well

I turned Display food value off and the framedrop turns out to be much better.

Does the MOD 'Show me' produce the same lagging trouble as well? Can i use it as an alternative?

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