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Game lags seriously when mouse cursor was on inventory after 1 hour's play

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This problem has been found on my computer many times. After 1-hour running on DST, whenever I move the mouse cursor over an item in the inventory or backpack, screen will be stagnant for about 0.5 sec. If I move my mouse cursor from item to item very fast, I got huge framedrops.

This is VERY annoying since it will be impossible for me to switch between Cane/Weapon on boss fight in the late game.

However, this problem goes away if I quit the game and reset the server.

This is very strange because it only happens when I move the cursor to an item. The game still runs smoothly when I make other operations.


My computer is not that bad, with I5-3570k and 8GB RAM running@1600MHz. 

I am using some mods, including Combined Status, Health Info, Display Food Values, wormhole marks, geometric placement, and Action Queue.

Steps to Reproduce
1. play this game for more than 1 hour with good strategy and build a nice base. 2. move your mouse from item to item in your inventory or back. 3. see if you get framedrop

User Feedback

Please disable or delete all mods from your game and verify if the issue still occurs.

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On 6/21/2017 at 6:15 PM, JohnWatson said:

There's your problem right there.

Thank you JohnWatson and JanH~~ I love the whole series of holmes as well

I turned Display food value off and the framedrop turns out to be much better.

Does the MOD 'Show me' produce the same lagging trouble as well? Can i use it as an alternative?

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