Game can't run caves (started 2 days ago)

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Capture.thumb.PNG.2514e6c6329bf9b6a5ac010648cea0c9.PNGWhen I create a new server in the last 2 days and enable caves, I just get an error message saying to try again, but when I disable caves I can open the new world just fine. This is a new issue for me, as all servers previously have had caves and ran very well, and this isnt an issue with mods, since even with all server and client mods disabled, I still can't open caves.

Thanks for reading!

(hopefully its fixable)

Steps to Reproduce
1)Host game 2)enable co-oprative game type 3)enable caves 4)start game

User Feedback

Yes, I have the same issue. I can start a server without cave but I can't start a server with a cave (my game mode is alone because I'm playing 1-player DST, but I guess the game mode does not matter). The identical dialog box pops up when I'm trying to do so. This happens both in the stable version and RoT beta version, and both when trying to start a new profile or to continue an existing profile. My OS is macOS, perhaps I guess this is because something wrong with dedicated server? (Cause I can't open dedicated server in the tool page of steam when using macOS)

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