[Game-breaking] Hammering down a Birdcage, with any kind of bird inside of it, dead or alive, even if it is actually empty with no bird inside of it, produces no collapse smoke effect unlike every other structure that can be hammered down in the game

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Normally, structures would spawn an entity such as 'collapse_small' at its location upon being hammered down. This gives off an effect of the structure collapsing in smoke. Every structure that can be hammered has this behaviour, demonstrated by the image below:


I applaud Klei Entertainment developers for this small little detail. It gives me a good feeling of immersion whenever I feel the need tor revert a structure back into half of its raw ingredients.

However, there is one except that I believe is unintentional: The Birdcage.

The Birdcage is quite an important part of a developed base. It allows players to turn food items that are nearly spoilt into something a bit more edible. It's a very versatile structure that can have so many uses and makes hunger more convenient to manage.

For example, four pieces of monster meat can be recycled, with a 50% chance, into bacon and eggs. Because of this, bacon and eggs are practically free despite the large amount of hunger, health, and hunger it replenishes upon consumption. And this is possible thanks to the construction of a birdcage.

There is a small catch, however, and that is having to catch a bird and feed it every several days. Nevertheless, it's a very trivial downside when you consider how useful it is of a structure. It's a very must-have, certainly.

The only issue I've got with it is that it has an unintentional graphical error. Unlike other structures, hammering down a birdcage produces no collapsing smoke effect. I believe that this visual bug ought to be fixed immediately.

Steps to Reproduce
(1) Launch Don't Starve Together. (2) Click on the 'Play!' button at the start screen. (3) Click on the 'Host Game' option at the main menu. (4) Create a new world by clicking on 'Generate World' on an empty save slot. (4) If you see a message that says 'Missing Server Intention', then click on the 'Okay' button. (5) Click on the 'Social' option. (6) Click on the 'Generate World' option. (5) You should end up on the character selection screen, click on the 'Go!' button twice. (7) Navigate the world using your WASD keys'. (8) Find a grass tuft then press spacebar on your keyboard to pick cut grass from it. You need at least 6 pieces of cut grass. (9) Pick up at least 2 twigs. You pick them up via spacebar, much like picking cut grass. (10) Pick up at least 3 flints. (11) Pick up at least 6 fllint. (12) Click on the 'Tools' tab at the topmost part of the sidebar. (13) Craft an axe by clicking on its picture. (14) Craft a pickaxe much like how you've crafted the axe. (15) Equip your axe by right-clicking on it at your inventory bar at the bottom of your screen. (16) Find a tree of any kind then hold down spacebar to start chopping it until it drops logs. You need to do this enough times for 20 logs. (17) Equip your pickaxe much like how you've equipped your axe. (18) Find a boulder, preferably the curvy type, then mine it by holding down spacebar until it drops rocks and probably gold nuggets. You need at least 10 rocks and 13 gold nuggets. (19) Craft a hammer from the Tools tab. (20) Pick up at least 2 seeds. (21) Find some reeds at a swamp, which has purple-coloured ground. Pick at least 8 cut reeds from them. (20) Craft a science machine from the Science tab then place it down. (21) At your science machine, craft 2 papyrus from the Refine tab. (21) Craft an alchemy lab from the Science tab then place it down. (22) Craft a birdcage from the Structures tab then place it down. (23) Equip your hammer. (24) Go near the birdcage then hammer it four times by holding down spacebar.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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