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Frequently Used Controller Support Needed: No "Cook" Action when putting food from Icebox (or chest) to Crockpot

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Dear Dev:

  First of all, I'm pretty sure this is used A LOT and VERY IMPORTANT for Controller players.)

  Cooking is NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE for Controller player!!!

  We just need a "Cook" Action just like putting Ingredients from Inventory to Crockpot!!!  

  I'm a heavy Controller player. It seems there is NO Controller Action provided, whether press button RT or not,

to add Ingredients to Crockpot frome Icebox, not as convinience as using Keyboard and Mouse.

BTW, it looks this CAN NOT be implemented by a client-only mod, tell me how if it can be. (Only found a server mod called "Cook Key")



Steps to Reproduce
1. Start a default game 2. Change settings to use a Controller (mine is xbox360) 3. Build Icebox and Crockpot next to each other 4. Put foods in Icebox 5. Open Icebox and Crockpot 6. Select food by Controller (focus it or use RT button after) Result: There is no "Cook" action to put ingredients from Icebox to Crockpot.

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