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Frame drop significantly when hovering over the item bar

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Edit: Found the troublemaker. It is the server sided mod "Display Food Value". Disabling it solved all fps drops mentioned her.


I noticed that whenever i hover over an item in the item bar or pick up one from the ground, my frames drop from stable 60 to mere 20-30. When i pick an item from the ground with my mouse, it happens for like 1 or 2 seconds, but in the item bar, it is the whole time i hover over an item. (doesn't matter which one)

This gets worse if i actually switch an equippable item, it drops down to like 5 frames for 1 sec.

This happens all the time i play and is reproducable for me.

I am playing with one friend on his server, so i am having some server sided lag, not bad though.

I have 4 6 mods running:

server sided:

- no thermal stone durability

- global pause

- display food value (the troublemaker)

client sided:

- minimap HUD

- geometric placement

- combined status


This makes fighting some mobs and all bosses really hard, because i have to predict when i have what weapon equipped.

This does not happen if i use shortcuts like 1,2,3,4. Then it switches item like it should normally, without the frame drops.

Steps to Reproduce
Hovering over an item in my item bar, or picking one up from the ground with my mouse (hover over it and press collect)

User Feedback

Please disable all mods, close DST, validate the game files via steam, start a new world with no mods, and then see if the slowdown still happens.

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