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Fountains of Knowledge did not spwan

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When me and my friend were exploring the ancient archive's, we powered the place up and started exploring , and when we were done we realized there were no Fountains of knowledge in the ancient archive's.


Steps to Reproduce

The mods that I used during world generation where:

Server mods: Global positioning, Imperishable thermal stone, show me (origin), and simple health bar DST.

Client mods: Action Queue reborn, Advanced controls, Craft pot, [DST] Nautical HUD, DST Wheres my beefalo, Geo metric placement, gesture wheel, place statues, and snapping tills.

Theories: My guess is either "Unlucky RNG" or a bug involving world gen and the mods.

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User Feedback

I guess your theory is right - Unlucky RNG. You might try running following command in the game while being in the caves. This should regenerate only the caves.


BTW, I recommend you to be the only person online in the caves with empty inventory. :) 

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Hello Kova_ thank you for your rapid reply, and the suggestion. Is there a way to get fountains of knowledge without regenerating the caves? My friend and I have made a lot of progress such as exploring the ruins.

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Yes it is possible, tho little bit cheating. You can try running this code:


It will spawn the object under the mouse cursor. In the case, you spawned it in a wrong position you can remove it:


Again the object must be under the mouse cursor :)

Let's hope that klei will fix the world gen soon ^.^

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